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Life is fragile. Our time is a collection of moments, experiences, and endings. The fascination and torment of this truth has informed Violet's body of work. Amidst the chaos of existence, we find solace in the quiet strength of our natural world. Violet's artwork is a testament to the delicate balance between loss and love, darkness and light. Her work serves as a poignant reminder of the impermanence and interconnectedness of all living beings.

Violet Maule is a Canadian Artist currently based in Ottawa, Canada. Graduated with honours in Fine Arts and Art History from the University of Ottawa and Western University, Violet embraces technical realism using traditional charcoal on paper to portray her vision of nature and the creatures that inhabit it. 

The stark dichotomy of black and white allows Violet to delve into the depths of perception and explore the nuances of form and texture. Through her masterful interplay of light and shadow, you will be confronted with a sense of calm, paradoxically layered with introspection of fears, traumas, and uncertainty.

Violet subtly infuses her artwork with personal experiences of loss. Violet's father passed away when she was 14 years of age, her sister passed away when Violet was 22 years of age. We all experience some form of loss that ultimately becomes us. Whether they are losses of loved ones, opportunities, or aspects of ourselves, they leave a lasting imprint on our identity and influence our perspectives, beliefs, and behaviors.

Despite the inevitable and the unknown, Violet draws on the transformative power of our connections with animals and nature, celebrating variations of natural forms through her drawings.  The fragility of life is echoed in each depiction, preserving the complex beauty of existence.

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